又是一个暑假快来了,一个假期怎么可以没有好电影的陪伴,2017有哪些新鲜好看的电影值得我们观看呢?下面小编给大家历数一下到目前为止最好看的几部国外影片。 8. Tramps《步履沉…



8. Tramps《步履沉重》

Released: April 21

Why it’s great: Gentlemen are wearing suits, walking in New York City on a hot summer day.The dog's romantic romance stage is the latter, paired with a slender Russian child (Tanner), he and his driver, an impeccable club waitress (Van Patten) looking for a thief, his fast food registration job, cash restart Her life. When the briefcase switches, the two sides stand up and follow the lost parcels, where the train ride and roadside walk forces them to open. With the leisurely, 70s of the soul, "walking heavy" is a rare doe-eyed relationship movie.

绅士们穿着西装,在纽约市一个炎热的夏日,20多岁的人们一起漫步。这个狗日的犯罪浪漫阶段是后者,配对一个瘦长的俄罗斯孩子(Tanner),他和他的司机,一个无礼的俱乐部女服务员(Van Patten)寻找一个小偷,他的快餐登记工作,现金重启她的生活。当公文包切换失误时,双方正站起来,追踪丢失的包裹,在那里火车乘坐和路边行走迫使他们开放。随着悠闲,70年代的灵魂,《步履沉重》是罕见的doe-eyed关系电影。

7. I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore《无处为家》

Released: February 17

Why it’s great: In this crazy mystery, Lynskey (Lynskey), a nurse, and love sports sports, obsessed with the arms of the neighbor Tony hunted a local thief. Blair is not the first person to find the enlightenment at the end of the amateur detective story, but he may be the first to inquire from the octave, ninja star, Google montage, gallon red soda, upper deck, friendly raccoon explosion body parts and human Stupid. Balanced the odds of Coma McCarthy's thriller with the weird edge of Will Ferrer's most crazy comedy, "Nowhere" is a hypnosis that revolves around our daily troubles.


6. The Lure《魅惑》

Released: February 1

Why it’s great: In The Lure, two mermaids seduce their way into striptease cabaret gigs at a Polish nightclub. A combination of nubile looks, fishy tails, and siren voices turn them into minor stars, while insatiable romance and a thirst for blood threaten the earthbound existence. Smoczynska streaks her musical-horror hybrid with '80s neon and sexual metaphor for a coming-of-age that would never fly in Hollywood, but we're lucky to see sneak stateside.


5. Alien: Covenant《异形:契约》

Released: May 22

Why it’s great: Unknowingly to 1979 Year of the original space of the horror way to start a privilege that will leave the planet. He has problems with men, machines and tangible cosmos, and "alienation: contract" (2012 Prochimius's direct sequel) will allow anyone to seek wall-to-wall Xenomorph massacre. In his mind, Scott reverted Fassbender as his creative engine, the inanimate robot Walter to David's pit, from the Prometheus defense robot. His Baroque-style Bravoado set the tone for the whole film, and his class of weapons exist, so Scott can separate them, making them exposed to the grumpy and terrible performance. "Alien" response "Jurassic Park", "Ghost Play", and Scott did not make the film, James Cameron's "alien", but science fiction inspired its engine, the scientific fate The outcome, the equivalent of a sadistic, in the modern modern large tracts are basically unheard of.


4.Dawson City: Frozen Time《道森市:冰封时光》

Why it’s great: In 1978, a construction worker in Dawson City exhumed a historical treasure trove: 372 silent films from the turn of the 20th century, printed across over 500,000 feet of nitrate film. Nearly 40 years after the discovery, filmmaker Bill Morrison has spliced the "Dawson City Collection" into a found-footage experience akin to a Ken Burns documentary broadcast through the 2001: A Space Odyssey Star Gate. With corroded footage, Sigur Rós collaborator Alex Somers's cascading soundscape, and overlayed text observations seemingly tapped out by telegraph, Dawson City: Frozen Time chronicles the Klondike Goldrush, and a town's turbulent history, with subdued exhilaration. 

1978年,道森市的一名建筑工人挖掘了一个宝库:二十世纪之交的372部无声电影印在超过50万英尺的硝酸盐胶片上。近40年后发现,电影制片人比尔·莫里森(Bill Morrison)将“道森城市系列”拼接成与2001年:太空漫游星门广播的肯·伯恩斯纪录片相似的录像体验。SigurRós的合作者亚历克斯·萨默斯(Alex Somers)的级联声景,以及电报中的道明文字观察,道森市:冰封时代记载了克朗代克·戈德拉什(Krondike Goldrush),以及一座城市的动荡历史,低调的辉煌。

3. John Wick: Chapter 2 《疾速特攻2》

Released: February 10

Why it’s great:Guns prose sentences, first aboutJohn Wick became an immediate action classic when it fell two years ago. Stahelski and Reeves encounter incredible high hopes, more brutal combat, more graceful shooting and fingers Lick "assassin guild myth". You can remove every example of Reeves' Wick, plant a bullet on the enemy's neck, or take a razor blade from John Wick to the knees:Chapter, you will also have a bad movie, which is a complex world, writer Derek Kolstad. In most action movies to solve a trailer design, this sequel gives and Give it until you scream the bloody murder. Bloody bad guys murder.  

枪支散文的句子,第一个约翰·威克成为一个即时的动作经典,当它两年前下降了。Stahelski和Reeves遇到了不可思议的高期望,更残酷的战斗,更有风度的射击和手指舔“刺客公会神话”。你可以删除Reeves的Wick的每一个例子,在敌人的脖子上种植一颗子弹,或者从John Wick拿出一把剃刀刀片到膝盖《疾速特攻2》你还会有一部坏坏的电影,这是一个复杂的世界,作家Derek Kolstad。在大多数动作电影解决一个预告片的设计的时候,这个续集给出并给出,直到你尖叫着血腥的谋杀。

2.The Lost City of Z《迷失Z城》

Released: April 14

Why it’s great: Gray's explorer Percy Fawcett on Amazon's lush and dangerous riding is to guide the fascinating nature of the film's power. Hunan, exciting, star for Percy, a soldier of the twenties of the twentieth century, traveled to South America to map Bolivia, to clean up his household scandal. Months of hunger, disease, piranhas infected waters and discoveries with the locals encountering a hidden advanced civilization. Gray makes room for the court scene to make room for the first world war, the gentle family drama and the independent music can provide space. But in the end, Alexander Green's unknown, it is with Fawcett and our feelings, reflecting the profound part of human nature.

Gray的探险家Percy Fawcett对亚马逊的郁郁葱葱和危险的骑行是引导大自然迷人的电影权力。湖南,激动人心,星星为珀西,一个二十世纪二十年代的军人,前往南美洲映射玻利维亚,清理他家喻户晓的丑闻。几个月的饥饿,疾病,食人鱼感染的水域和与当地人的遭遇结束于一个隐藏的先进文明的发现。Gray为法庭场面腾出空间,第一次世界大战的战斗,温柔的家庭戏剧和可以独立的乐谱提供了空间。不过最终,亚历山大的未知,它与Fawcett和我们的感觉,反映了人性的深刻组成部分。

1. Get Out《逃出绝命镇》

Released: February 24

Why it’s great: This is a short leap from Key & Peele's social consciousness describing comedy to psychological fear. Chris was a little skeptical after seeing his girlfriend Ross's white upper class parents. With the end of the weekend, Chris fell into the racist plot, only Wille Craven (Wes Craven) students Peggy (Peele) and the past terror master can think of it. "Escape from Destiny" is a film that reflects the racism still present in the United States.

这是从Key&Peele的社会意识描写喜剧到心理恐惧的短暂飞跃。克里斯在见过他的女朋友罗斯的白人上层阶级父母之后感到有点怀疑。随着周末的结束,克里斯陷入了种族主义的阴谋,只有威尔·克拉文(Wes Craven)的学生佩吉(Peele)和过去的恐怖主人才可以想起来发生什么。 《逃出绝命镇》是反映了美国当今仍存在的种族主义的一部电影。


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